Established in 2011

Food Canopy operates food courts and institution canteens across Singapore. Since our establishment in 2011, we have been working towards the same goal. Which is to focus on eco-friendly initiatives and to bring healthy yet delicious food to you.

Food Canopy loves hearing ideas and implementing unique designs for our food courts to attract the masses. 

As a pioneer in eco-friendly initiatives, healthier eating and a successful cutlery return programme, our staff’s commitment to these causes is of utmost importance.

Health Blog & Nutrition Corner

Living a healthier life may seem difficult – but don’t fret!

Food Canopy’s Health Blog features nutrition articles, recipes and lifestyle tips that helps one to better take ownership of their health and wellness.

Food Canopy Health Blog
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SG Enable

Food Canopy has been engaging with SG Enable to hire employees that are less privilege.

We believe that it is more meaningful in enabling them to engage with society and contributing to their lives means more than just donating to them.

We treat our employees that are less privilege just like our non-disabled staff.

Cutlery Returns

Food Canopy implemented our Cutlery Return Programme in 2011, aiming to reduce reliance on cleaning staff and encourage diners to form the habit of clearing up after themselves. Through the programme, we also hoped to play our part in creating a society guided by graciousness.

Apart from the construction of Cutlery Return Stations that separate Halal and non-Halal items, all stalls and tables have signs and stickers that remind patrons to return their trays and soiled cutlery.

Canopy’s crew has been trained to clear the Cutlery Return Station quickly even in peak hour and it has been a success in all of our outlets.

Astoundingly, the programme has shown a success rate of up to 90% of cutleries and trays being returned by diners. These results can be attributed to the combined operational experience of Food Canopy’s stakeholders, and a thorough pre-launch brainstorming session and study into diners’ mindsets – all of which are a testament to Food Canopy’s dedication to and passion for the F&B industry.

Eco-Friendly Tips

At Food Canopy, we believe that everyone has a part to play in keeping our environment clean and preserving the earth for future generations. Here are some easy tips on being eco-friendly around the house:

  • Reuse water used to wash rice, fruits and vegetables to water plants
  • Turn the tap off in the shower when shampooing or soaping
  • Cut down on plastic bags used by bringing your own bags to the supermarket
  • Go digital and avoid printing; if you must print, print on both sides of the paper
  • Bring your own water bottles out to avoid buying disposable bottles
  • Use rags for cleaning up spills instead of paper towels