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How to reach your calorie intake goal?

1,800 calories and 2,200 calories are the recommended daily calorie intake for an adult woman and adult man accordingly. However, these recommendations are just for general reference. Everybody has their own specific calorie intake goal based on their style of living, weight, age and health status.

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Practices to Achieve Your Goal

Go for Healthier Choices: Choose dishes with HPB tag on the menu when dining out, these dishes are usually lower in calories, provide whole gains or cook with healthier oil.

Sharing is Caring: When dining out with your friends or colleagues, you can plan to share your food with them if the food portions are huge.

Place a Lesser Amount of Food Order: While having a gathering in a restaurant with your friends and families, the groups tend to order a lot of foods. Before you finish most of the foods, you will probably already exceed your calorie intake.

Flexible: Do take note that calorie intake is a day-to-day goal. So if you have a heavy lunch, do go for a light dinner to achieve your calorie intake goal by the end of the day.

Request for takeaway: If the food portion is more than what you need, you can always ask for takeaway for the remaining food.

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Let’s Celebrate This Joyful Season Healthily

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town! With all the celebration during this festive season, how are you going to stay focused and remain your ideal body shape and weight? Here are some healthy tips for you to celebrate this festive season healthily with your family & friends.

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Healthy Tips for This Festive Season

Go gentle on the portion

Grab a smaller serving of foods and only top up your plate after finishing your food. This can help to control your eating portion while avoiding over-eating and food waste.

Eat at a slow pace

Your body needs around 20 minutes to feel full. Thus, eat slowly while enjoying the delicious food to avoid overeating.

Have a small fruit beforehand

Fill up your stomach with a small number of nuts or small fruit (e.g. apple & banana) to prevent arrive at your gathering with an empty stomach as this will likely lead to over-eating.

Limit your fat

Eat lesser of the deep-fried item (e.g. French fries & nuggets), fatty meat (e.g. pork belly & bacon), pasta with cream sauce (e.g. white sauce pasta) and cheesy food. As too much of fat in your meal will increase your body weight.

Control on sweetened drinks and alcohol

Go for sparkling water, reduced sugar soft drinks or sugar-free beverages. Drink your alcoholic drinks at a slow pace to prevent refills. Too much of alcohol or sugary drinks can cause weight gain.

Hereby wishing everyone to enjoy your festive season happily and healthily! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Benefits of vegetarian diet

Becoming vegetarian are getting common in the society lifestyle nowadays, as some individuals choose to be vegetarian because of their religious and some people thinks that becoming vegetarian will offer them a healthier lifestyle while in the same time helping to reduce negative impacts to the environment. Here are some potential advantages of a vegetarian diet can bring to your health:

  • Various of soybean, nuts, beans and vegetables are able to provide a sufficient amount of protein that your body requires daily
  • By having a plant-based diet and reducing processed and red meat intake will improve kidney health
  • Healthy weight range can be achieved and maintain easily with the replacing of meat by plant-based foods
  • Reducing meat intake and increasing beans, fruits, nuts and vegetables in your diet can help lower the possibility of heart diseases
  • Substitute meat intake once daily with bean curd or other beans are able to reduce the possibility of suffering from type 2 diabetes

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With all the health advantages listed above from having a vegetarian meal, come join us now for our Meatless Monday at Yishun Community Hospital Tower D, level 2 to enjoy a tasty vegetarian meal. Let’s get healthier together!

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Advantages of eating salad to your health

A salad a day, keep you from diseases away. With this simple and convenient eating habit of having a salad every day, you can simply improve your body strength and health. With a variety of flavours, colours and textures available, eating salads could be fun as you will be able to pick your ingredients according to your personal preference.

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Here are why salad is good for your health:

A rich source for fibre

Raw and leafy vegetables are an excellent natural source for fibre. High intake of fibre will prevent constipation and lower levels of bad cholesterol.

Natural source of nutrition

As vegetable and fruits are the major ingredients of the salad, having salad regularly in your diet will ensure that your body is fuel up with essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. A diet with well-balanced nutrients intake will help lower risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

Perfect meal choice during weight control

A full bowl of green salad is rich in fibre and low in calories. You need to chew longer and will make you feel full for a longer period. Thus, a bowl of salad will definitely be a perfect meal choice while you are on a diet.

Load up healthy fats

Having healthy fats are easy while enjoying a bowl of salad with adding of salad sides such as almond, sunflower seed, walnut and cashew nut. Topping up your salad with salad dressing like olive oil can increase the intake of healthy fats as well.

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With all the health benefits from eating a salad, head over now to Canopy Green at various locations as listed below to enjoy a healthy yet delicious salad bowl. Let’s get healthier together!

Canopy Green outlets:

  • Yishun Community Hospital Tower D, Level 2
  • Nanyang Polytechnic Block E North Canteen
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Block 22
  • Revenue House, Level 2 Food Court
  • Singapore Polytechnic, Food Court 6


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Introduction to CAN Meal

No single food can provide all the nutrients with your body needs. Having a moderate, varied, well-balanced diet and exercising can help to stay healthy well into the future. CAN Meal is a health initiative by Food Canopy to encourage everyone to make healthy choices by offering our well-balanced meal – CAN Meal.CAN Meal 1

To ensure a hearty diet and healthy well being for our patrons, Food Canopy offers Canopy Nutrients Meal (CAN Meal) as an alternate healthier choice option. Other than aiming to serve as a snapshot of a diet that cover the three core food groups: protein, carbohydrates and vegetables, CAN Meal also aim to provide a balance portion, that is: quarter proteins, quarter carbohydrate and half vegetables, and to provide other essential nutrients such as lipids, vitamins and minerals that help meet the daily recommended dietary allowance more easily.

Eating a well-balanced meal is made easy with CAN Meal! Drop by at any Food Canopy outlets now to enjoy our healthy and delicious CAN Meal ☺

Introduction to Traffic Light Calories Count

According to the recommended daily calorie intake for adult women is around 1,800 calories while for an adult men needs around 2,200 calories. Calorie intake will also differ based on Individual activeness, age and health status. Excessive calories intake will lead to obesity.

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Food Canopy has introduced Traffic Light Calories Count for food sold in Food Canopy outlets. This is designed to provide consumers simple and easy understanding of whether they should eat the dish every day (Green), moderately (Amber) or with limit (Red).

Traffic Light Calories Count

Green colour calories bubble: Encourage to choose and eat more of these dishes every day. Example: steamed chicken with brown rice, salmon steak and watercress pork ribs soup.

Amber colour calories bubble: Encourage to go slow and pick it occasionally on these dishes. Example: rojak, chicken curry with white rice and chicken fried rice.

Red colour calories bubble: Encourage to limit the intake and choose rarely on these dishes. Example: nasi lemak with fried chicken drumstick, pizza and roti tissue.


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Calories: Are all calories equal?

Calories - cucumber

Each gram of carbohydrate and protein contribute 4kcal, while each gram of fat provides 9kcal. Therefore, calories are not equal in all food group. Even though carbohydrate contributes lower calories than fat, due to the diet pattern in Singapore which consumes mostly refined carbs, for example, bee hoon, noodle and white rice, which are associated with increased risk of diabetes. Besides that, the latest researches have demonstrated that moderate intake of fat in our diet can bring benefits to health.


By eating more food that consists high amount of various minerals and vitamins but with lower calorie count can help achieve in a well-balanced diet with the lower calorie count. For example nuts, whole grain choices, vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat. In general, people think that fruit juices are beneficial to health, however, it can contribute high-calorie count because of high sugar level. Cereal and energy bars appear to be as healthy foods, but it might have a high content of fat and sugar. A single serving of regular oat bars consists up to 200kcal. Moderation intake of nuts is important, as nuts contribute high calories count, for example, 100g of walnut contribute about 350kcal.


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Weight management through healthy eating habits

1 in 3 Singaporean adults is facing an obese or overweight problem. Overweight or obesity will higher your chances of developing cancers, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes. By picking up healthy eating habits will result in a positive impact on your weight management.

Healthy eating habits to eat right and lite

i. Healthier beverage choices

Always put plain water as your first choice to keep your body hydrated. Most of the beverages, alcohol and even fruit juices contribute high-calorie count in your diet.

ii. Eat more fibre

Fibre does not digest in your body, it will swell and take in water which makes you feel fuller for longer. Choose fibre-rich food such as beans, vegetables, lentils and whole-grains which will contribute low-calorie count in your diet.

iii. Eat regularly between meals

Prevent delaying or skipping your main meal, sufficient-spaced between meals would provide energy for you throughout the day and avoid hunger pangs.

iv. Eat smaller portion

Reduce the regular portion of your snack and meal will immediately lower your calories intake.

v. Decrease fat intake in your diet

Fat contributes a high amount of calorie, reduce fat intake in your diet is an effective way to lower your calorie intake. Avoid choosing deep-fried and oily food which are high in calorie.

vi. Decrease sugar intake in your diet

Sugar have low nutrients value but do contribute to your calorie count intake. Restrict cakes, ice-cream and desserts that consist high amount of added sugars.

By doing all these simple yet healthy eating habits every day, your extra weight reduces slowly but surely.

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Introduction to Calories

Like all living organisms, the human body needs fuel to function and the fuel is coined as calories. Many may wonder: What exactly are calories? A calorie is a unit of energy. From a nutrition perspective, sources of calories come from all types of food – carbohydrates, proteins, fats and sugar – and they are important fuels for the body to perform tasks like breathing.

How many calories does my body need?

On average, the recommended daily calorie intake for an adult man is 2,200 calories while an adult woman needs about 1,800 calories. Active people would require more calories than a person that lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Calories and weight loss

Counting calories is one way to monitor weight loss. Excessive calorie intake is stored as fat in the body while cutting down calories can help people to lose weight. However, if our calorie consumption is too low or too high, there may be health complications in the long run. Although counting and cutting calories can be a practical approach to weight loss, it is important to have a well-balanced diet to stay healthy.

Do you know?

Food sold in Food Canopy is labelled with their respective calorie count.


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