Is Saturated Fat Bad for health?


Do you know that there are different types of fat that can have different impacts on your health? Both saturated fat and trans fat are unhealthy fats, which are normally in solid-state while in room temperature. A diet with a high intake of saturated fat will lead to stroke, heart disease and other health issues. This is due to saturated fat will increases ‘bad’ cholesterol level (known as LDL-cholesterol) in your body.

Major intakes of saturated fat are from:

  • Animal fat: meats with skin, fatty cut of meat and sausages
  • Deep-fried dishes: fries, fried chicken and onion rings
  • Coconut: coconut cream, coconut milk and coconut oil
  • Full-fat dairy foods: butter, yogurt, cheese, milk and ghee
  • Dishes cooks with palm-based oil
  • Dessert: chocolate, cake and ice cream

How much saturated fat can you have?

According to Health Promotion Board, the recommended intake of saturated fats is no more than 21g every day for a healthy man aged from 19 to 60 years old while for a healthy woman is no more than 17g a day.

How to reduce saturated fat in your daily intake?

  • Read the food nutrition label and pick the option with lowest saturated fat
  • Limit your deep-fried food intake, steam, boil or bake your food instead
  • Pick the leaner part of meat such as chicken breast or beef tenderloin
  • Go for reduced-fat or fat-free dairy products such as non-fat milk or low-fat cheese
  • Cook with olive or canola oil rather than butter

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