Stressed? Tips to keep stress at bay


Everyone has stress, no matter while you are at home, on the road or at work. Someday, you might feel especially stressed due to overload work, poor interaction with others or having financial issues. Learn how to manage stress in life is important for everyone, it will lead you to a positive and healthier life.

Positive VS Negative ways to cope with stress

Stress Eating

Do you often crave for bubble tea or fast food while you are stressed? At the end of the day after tough work, people tend to release stress by having a lot of comfort foods (eg. bucket of ice cream or whole chocolate bar) when they get home. If you tend to do this often while feeling stressed, you might be a stress eater.

If you are craving for fatty or sweet food while you feel stressed next time, think if you are really hungry before you go for it. Keep an eye on what you are having and think why you needed to can prevent you from stress eating.

Staying Away From Social Interaction

Some people will choose to keep themselves away from their social cycle while they are feeling stressed.

Actually, talking to your family and friends about it or hanging out with them will help you to de-stress which will be a better way of isolating yourself.

Stay Active

Exercise might be the first thing off your list when you are stressed as you have low or no motivation.

But, this is a bad move. As exercise actually help release stress and make you feel better. By taking a walk in the park help de-stress too.

Smoking or Drinking

For some people, drinking or smoking is like having a “break time” from stress. Obviously, this is unhelpful. Smoking or drinking will not help to solve your problems either in the short or long run.

A deep breath, a short nap or taking a shower is a better way of dealing with stress without negative impacts to your health.

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