You are not alone.

It is indeed a stressful period for a lot of people during this pandemic. During this time of uncertainty, routines have been disrupted, and that could potentially result in a lot of stress and tension. Especially during COVID-19 restrictions, loneliness might be something that could impact one’s daily living negatively. Evidence-based studies have shown a clear connection between stress and obesity.

So, how does stress and obesity impact one’s diet? Hormonal changes could signal the brain to eat more frequently and crave for sugary and high-fat foods. And ultimately, weight gain might become an issue.

Food could eventually become a substitute as a friend – It is always there, an alternative to reduce loneliness, and a form of comfort when stress kicks in.

Reaching out to your friends and loved ones over a phone call might be a good way to manage stress as you are able to share your emotions and you may feel less lonely. Otherwise, seek an accredited counsellor or professional help to tide over the period. You are not alone.

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