3 things to remember when you are having Hotpot this reunion dinner

As Chinese New year approaches, many of you must be busy planning for your upcoming reunion dinner.

Steamboat is an all-time favourite for many Chinese during this season and I must say, we are spoilt with so choices nowadays. Many steamboat restaurants are coming up with unique flavours in their broth selection to wow the picky diners.

As we celebrate the Tiger Year with joy, lets also be mindful what we consume so that we can stick to our new year resolution of trying to be healthier….right?

Lets start by choosing what we add to our hot pot. Below are 3  things that you should take note while enjoying your hot-and-bubbly reunion dinner:

Use lightly-salted broth to start off the soup base. If you are using commercial steamboat soup base, you will preferably need to dilute them with hot water before using. It is important that you start off on a lighter note because your soup base will get saltier as you load in all processed ingredients.

Choose fresh food to add in. This is because processed food such as your fishballs, fishcakes, crabsticks all contains high amounts of sodium. This is apart from the fact that, fish cakes and crab meat contain little amounts of fish and crab. It is mainly made from surimi which are fillers with flavorings like starch, sugar, egg whites. Hence, it is not a good choice to consider. Fresh fish, lean chicken meat and eggs are the best!

Spare the seasonings.  Well, the subheading says it all. It seems quite understandable why we should refrain from using too much sauces on the table because that will add to the sodium content. Some sauces such as sesame sauce and chili oil are also very, very high in fat content, hence this will add to the total calorie intake for the meal! So focus on the natural flavours from the fresh broth and fresh food and leave the sauces alone.


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