Let’s Celebrate This Joyful Season Healthily

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town! With all the celebration during this festive season, how are you going to stay focused and remain your ideal body shape and weight? Here are some healthy tips for you to celebrate this festive season healthily with your family & friends.

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Healthy Tips for This Festive Season

Go gentle on the portion

Grab a smaller serving of foods and only top up your plate after finishing your food. This can help to control your eating portion while avoiding over-eating and food waste.

Eat at a slow pace

Your body needs around 20 minutes to feel full. Thus, eat slowly while enjoying the delicious food to avoid overeating.

Have a small fruit beforehand

Fill up your stomach with a small number of nuts or small fruit (e.g. apple & banana) to prevent arrive at your gathering with an empty stomach as this will likely lead to over-eating.

Limit your fat

Eat lesser of the deep-fried item (e.g. French fries & nuggets), fatty meat (e.g. pork belly & bacon), pasta with cream sauce (e.g. white sauce pasta) and cheesy food. As too much of fat in your meal will increase your body weight.

Control on sweetened drinks and alcohol

Go for sparkling water, reduced sugar soft drinks or sugar-free beverages. Drink your alcoholic drinks at a slow pace to prevent refills. Too much of alcohol or sugary drinks can cause weight gain.

Hereby wishing everyone to enjoy your festive season happily and healthily! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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