Is BMI a good indicator for your health status?

BMI is a common health tool to indicate if one is in the healthy weight range and calculated by a simple method: Weight (kg) divided by Height X Height (m).

While it is a screening tool, it does not consider OTHER factors of health. It does not take into consideration of a person’s age, gender, eating habits, FAT and CHOLESTEROL levels which will give a better gauge at a person life’s expectancy.

BMI cannot distinguish if the weight comes from fats or muscles. Muscles are heavier than fats, hence a more muscular man (e.g weightlifter) can exceed his BMI range than an overweight man which can lead to inaccurate analysis of the health report. 

Hence, the best way to determine if you are generally healthy is, to align your BMI reading to  your cholesterol levels, fat levels and blood sugar levels (do a health check once a year!). This can help you make a better interpretation and adjustments to your eating habits and lifestyle.

BMI Health Risk of developing health problems such as coronary heart diseases, diabetes and stroke
18.5 to 22.9 Low risk  
23 to 27.4 Moderate risk  
27.5 and above High risk  



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