2 things you must know about your food labels!

Most of us knows that what a food label is, but I am sure many of us do not know how to use it efficiently.

Apart from the brand and expiry date on the food label, the other components on the label that you should take note should be the Nutritional Information Panel and the Ingredient list!

What is a Nutritional Information Panel?

Do not belittle this little box at the back of the box! It serves as an important tool if you know how to use this to compare between similar products!

How to use: E.g Comparing between brands of white bread at a supermarket

Place Brand A, Brand B (you can include other brands as well) side by side and look at the Per 100g column.

You should have a good comparison of the calories, fat content as well as other nutrients that is of concern for you. E.g sodium if you have hypertension or dietary fibre if you have constipation.

So even if Brand B is cheaper, Brand A will be a better choice because it contains lesser calories and lesser fat, higher fibre!

What is an Ingredient List?

This must be one of the most important part of the food label and everyone should learn how to read this!

The ingredient list states all the ingredients that is used in the production of the product and they are listed from the ingredients used in the largest amount to the smallest amount.

Hence, in the above ingredient list, sugar is used as the most amount in the making of the product and the glucose syrup (a.k.a sugar syrup) is used as the least amount. This suggest that the whole food product is highly laden with sugar! Reduce your consumption of such food products as much as possible!

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