3 ways to lose the post-Xmas- bulge!

I am sure you have enjoyed your Christmas dinner and Boxing Day dinner and now feeling slightly guilty for indulging too much in the roasted turkey-and-ham platter, festive cookies and free flow alcohol.

Well, to assure you, you are not alone because the year-end-feasting is the usual time that people put on extra weight. When you feel good, you tend to eat more!

Before you get into another food coma and get into another round of uncontrolled bingeing once again tomorrow, here are some easy ways that you lose your Christmas-day-and-New-Year’s-Day bulge:

Tip 1: Drink up

Drinking more water not only help in hydration but it does also help you increase your satiety before you reach out for your food. By drinking a glass of water (not soft drinks, caffeinated or alcohol), you will help you feel less hungry which translates to eating lesser. This helps you taper down your food intake and this will help you lose weight gradually.

Tip 2: Eat slowly

Slow down and practice mindful eating to enjoy the taste of food. This sounds like common sense but many of us do not do that. We tend to wolf down our food, even during festivities because you want to catch up with all the plethora of food served on the table.

When we eat slowly, you break down the food into even smaller morsels which means that you will feel full faster. In fact, experts have recommended that you should chew at least 30 times before swallowing!

This will help you cut down on necessary calorie intake as you feel full faster.

Tip 3: Switch the elevator for the stairs

As the saying goes, “Big things have small beginnings”. Hence doing simple changes to your daily routine can accumulate a world of difference over time. By introducing gradual, realistic actions to increase your energy output, you should notice some drop in weight over time. Examples will be walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift or even getting down one bustop earlier and walk the extra distance slowly.

Hope you can adopt good eating practices and shed your pounds off successfully! Have a great 2022 and may all your new year resolutions work for you!





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