Are You Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables Everyday?

We all grew up with the same nagging…drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables…

So, are we eating enough fruits and vegetables then?

Well, according to a local Health Literacy Poll conducted in August 2017, 46% of respondents eat less than 2 servings of vegetables and about 58% eat less than 2 servings of fruits daily.

Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) recommends eating 2 servings of fruits and 2 servings of vegetables daily. Fruits and vegetables contain wonderful nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre which are essential to lower health risks such as blood pressure, constipation, heart diseases and even cancer.

As the study found out later, the biggest reason to why people are under consuming fruits and vegetables is the lack of knowledge. Nearly 70 per cent do not know the recommended daily intake for vegetables and fruits.

The following is an illustration of what constitutes ONE serving of fruit and ONE serving of vegetable:

What are some ways to incorporate more greens in our diet?


  • Da bao a fruit to work or school. This eliminates any excuse for not able to find any fruit stall nearby.
  • Choose fresh fruit juice over bubble tea or caffeinated drinks. Its naturally sweet and it will do you more good than the calorie-ladened drinks.


  • Choose salad/ garden greens over french fries/nuggets as a side dish if you can.
  • Order a serving of vegetables from the cai png/ nasi padang stall to go with your mee goreng, wanton noodles or laksa. The miserable slices of cucumber in your chicken rice or the limp piece of lettuce in your fishball noodles does not count towards one serving of vegetables.

Head down to our drink stalls at Food Canopy outlet to grab yourself a fresh cut fruit or fruit cup to enjoy at the end of your meal. Feel free to ask for more vegetables at a nominal fee from any our friendly stall owners as well!


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