Calories: Are all calories equal?


Calories - cucumber

Each gram of carbohydrate and protein contribute 4kcal, while each gram of fat provides 9kcal. Therefore, calories are not equal in all food group. Even though carbohydrate contributes lower calories than fat, due to the diet pattern in Singapore which consumes mostly refined carbs, for example, bee hoon, noodle and white rice, which are associated with increased risk of diabetes. Besides that, the latest researches have demonstrated that moderate intake of fat in our diet can bring benefits to health.


By eating more food that consists high amount of various minerals and vitamins but with lower calorie count can help achieve in a well-balanced diet with the lower calorie count. For example nuts, whole grain choices, vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat. In general, people think that fruit juices are beneficial to health, however, it can contribute high-calorie count because of high sugar level. Cereal and energy bars appear to be as healthy foods, but it might have a high content of fat and sugar. A single serving of regular oat bars consists up to 200kcal. Moderation intake of nuts is important, as nuts contribute high calories count, for example, 100g of walnut contribute about 350kcal.


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