Cut down on salt in your food today!

We all heard the doctor’s memo. TAKE LESS SALT!

We have probably tried to want to take in less salty food at some point of our life, either out of guilt or fear from all the advice that you have been hearing.

So how much salt are we allowed daily?

The recommended salt intake is only 5g..or only one teaspoon. You read it correctly…only ONE teaspoon!

But yet, an average Singaporean takes in about 8.3g of salt daily!. This is about 60% more than the recommended intake, according to the Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) latest Salt Intake Study conducted recently.

So while we know the health effects of taking in too much sodium is kidney failure, stroke and high blood pressure. Aesthetically, it also gives us puffy eyebags and face too which is unpleasing!

So here are some practical tips that you can follow to gradually lower your sodium consumption:

  • When shopping, choose products that has the Lower In Sodium logo. They are at about 25% lower in salt compared to the rest.
  • Consume more fresh foods and fewer processed foods. Fresh foods in general contain less added sodium than processed foods as sodium has been added as a form of preservative to lengthen shelf life. E.g fresh chicken minced meat balls versus processed meat balls.
  • Do not add salt or soya sauce first before tasting the food e.g porridge, claypot rice.
  • Choose unsalted or lightly-salted versions of nuts, French fries or potato chips. Your taste buds will gradually adjust themselves and get used to the less salty versions!
  • Go light on the dips and sauces such as chilli sauce, ketchup, oyster sauce or curry sauce. Sauces are usually heavily laden with salt to create the savoury taste which leaves you thirsty by the end of the meal.
  • Do not finish all the soup as soups prepared outside are usually packed with a lot of salt or MSG to create that umami, briny goodness. This will leave you taking in more sodium than you intended to. The tip is, leave 60 to 70% of the soup behind. This goes for instant noodles too!

Scan the above QR code to complete a quiz on how to reduce salt in your food today! Participants who get all answers correctly will win themselves two Pasta Cucina vouchers which are redeemable at any of our outlets! Deadline will be on the 26th Nov, 12pm.


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