Detox is Fake News

Have you been spending money on ‘detox’ products promising to achieve a flat tummy or glowing skin? Detoxing in a medical stance is referred to a detoxification process where victims of substance abuse must endure and go through. Any other use of this term is not legitimate at all.

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Thank your liver and kidneys. They are the once doing the detox every second of your life. Having to take ‘detox products and supplements’ would only force your organs to work harder. Some would even result in dehydration. And water is needed to transport all the necessary nutrients to all part of the body! And if a product or supplement could help you to lose weight safely and effectively, obesity epidemic would have been eradicated globally. Sorry but there is no magic bullet out there.

Many of such products contain laxatives. And such laxatives not only a method used by people with eating disorder issues, but laxatives might result in oral contraceptive failure, leading to unwanted pregnancies. And, what makes it worse is that marketing is directed to mostly girls in their youths, even teenagers!

3. THEY CAN BE HARMFUL Because the term ‘detox’ is not regulated, you could possibly buy it anywhere off the internet. This also means that the product might contain other ingredients that might not be labelled clearly. There have been cases whereby harm has been caused from detox products. This includes liver and kidney issues… ironically.

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