Drink Tea to lose that CNY bulge

While you have enjoyed that Chinese New Year feasting, some of us will probably be suffering from “post-bingeing remorse”.

For those feeling guilty and are hitting out at the gym often to burn off those post CNY pineapple tarts and bak kwa, a tip for you will be to include more fluids in your diet to facilitate the flushing of toxins from your body. This may expedite your weight loss and return to your pre-CNY weight faster.

If water is too boring for you, perhaps you can consider drinking…tea! And we are referring to Chinese tea, Green tea or Tea Kosong here……not Bubble Tea!

So what is exactly in your cuppa of Tea?

1.Tea can increase your metabolism.

Tea has been known to contain healthy substances that is linked to a lower risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The main health-promoting substances in tea are polyphenols, catechins and epicatechins which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Teas can also help to kick your metabolism up a notch. Black, Oolong, and Green tea are packed with both caffeine and catechin (a type of antioxidant), both of which can help you to burn more calories throughout the day and help reduce body fats. It was found that those who consumed 4-5 cups of green tea green tea a day had lower body fat and body weight than those who did not.

2. Tea can help to you look less bloated

Black Tea which is a natural diuretic, can help you get rid your body of excess fluid and this can help you to look instantly slimmer. Tea is also been known to detox the liver and when the liver function is optimal, it absorbs nutrients more effectively which in turn can boosts metabolism.” Add a slice of lemon to turn it into lemon tea, which is also an excellent choice for reducing bloat.

3. Tea helps as a natural fat blocker

Green tea contains an anti-inflammatory substance known as EGCG which support a healthy metabolism which can help to reduce fat storage in your body! EGCG is also able to help block the formation of new fat cells and may also reduce your appetite. Green tea is the highest in EGCG, so consider swopping your Boba tea to your hot green matcha.

Try to opt for non-sweetened tea as processed, sugar-sweetened tea beverages are loaded with lot of calories and fats! Sad to say that if there are any health benefits to tea consumption, it will be completely offset once you start to add sugar or creamer to it.

You can find healthy, non-sweetened or lightly sweetened tea options such as Tea O or Tea O Siew Dai at all the outlets under Food Canopy. Enjoy them with a good breakfast to kickstart your day!


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