Eat these 3 food for good ear health!

“Huhhh? What did you say??

“Hello??? I cant hear you…”

As we go into a digital savvy era where we probably have to attend many Zoom meetings in a day, our hearing may be directly affected by the long hours that we plug in our headphones or ear buds.

As we care for our heart, mind, eyes and physique, its time to also show some TLC to our ears!

So what kind of food nourishes or improves our hearing?


Bananas have always been well known for providing potassium which is important for runners to prevent muscle cramps. But did you know that bananas also contain magnesium which can help expand the blood vessels and extend blood circulation all the way to your inner ears!


We all know that hearing will get worse when we get older. That is where salmon comes in!

Salmon is good for your ears, and and other similar fish which contain omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are known for having the ability to reduce the risk of age-dependent hearing loss. Eating two servings of salmon per week when you are young will help you take care of your ears far before any problems arises as you age. If you don’t like fish, take omega-3 supplements helps you on the long run as well!


Chocolate! Yummy! Not only does chocolate helps lift one’s mood, provide antioxidants for good heart health, it can also aid in the prevention of hearing loss! However, we are emphasizing on dark chocolates here as it has higher antioxidant and lower sugar levels.

One of the main contributors to age-related hearing loss is a zinc deficiency. That’s where dark chocolate comes in. Dark chocolates are high in zinc and eating a square of it once a day can keep a person hearing better than his or her peers well into old age.

Hence folks, it is never too early to begin protecting yourself from hearing loss. By incorporating these three foods into your diet, you can rest assured knowing that you will enjoy good ear health in years to come. However, do note that you should still enjoy your music at a good volume and rest your ears periodically after putting on your ear buds and ear phones for a long time.


Foods That Promote Hearing Health

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