Goodness of Brown rice

Hate the colour and texture of brown rice? Prefer your shiny, pearly white rice grains any time?

Before you start explaining why you don’t take brown rice, let this article show you why should START incorporating some of these copper-brown grains in your diet.

First of all, what makes brown rice, BROWN?

Most people are unaware that, rice grains when harvested, has a beautiful natural brown colour (see picture above)! The colour comes from the two outer layers known as the bran and germ which contain a lot of goodness such as vitamins and minerals! However, unfortunately, these layers get removed because most consumers prefer the smoother texture of the white rice, hence very minimal amount of vitamins and minerals are left after the manufacturing process.

However ,research has shown that, replacing just about 50 grams of white rice with brown rice every day can help a person reduce their diabetes risk by 16%!  This is because brown rice has a low Glycemic index (GI) which means that, it does not cause your blood sugar to spike after you eat and it helps maintain your blood sugar levels. In fact, if you are able to include 3 servings of whole grains like brown rice daily, you can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 32%! Wow!

Next, the bran ,which is the outer layer of the brown rice structure, contains a rich source of dietary fibre! Together with the high levels of magnesium in brown rice, they help you reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol and thus, helps you prevent heart diseases and stroke on the long run!

So ladies and gentlemen, time to trade your bowl of pearly white rice with some brown rice goodness!

Most of the stalls at Food Canopy canteens serve healthy and hot-pipping brown rice, so next time you order your cai png (economic rice) or chicken rice, do request for a bowl of brown rice! Start your change today!


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