Have you checked on your seniors today?

Have you heard of the ‘Tea and Toast Syndrome’? It is a form of malnutrition found in older adults. It could be resulted from an inability or lack of desire to prepare food. Especially in an aging population where we live in, it could be a great concern.

If one becomes less active while entering the golden years, lesser calories will be required as well. This might eventually lead to a lower motivation to whip up a nutritious meal. Of course, there would be other factors like poor access to economical foods, mobility and existing health conditions.  This means that one would probably turn to no-fuss, ready-to-eat foods like literally… tea and toast as an alternative.

An everyday diet of just tea and toast will result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies, that would eventually lead to malnutrition. Caregivers should always check on the elderly to get their regular nutrient-dense meals in check. When always in doubt, seek help from a qualified healthcare provider.

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