How does protein intake affect weight management?


Foods with high protein can actually cause your body to feel fuller than carbohydrate-rich or fat-rich foods. By adding protein intake from lean foods in your diet will minimize the sensation of hunger and therefore lower your overall calorie intake.

In order to lose your weight by lower down your calorie intake, it is a must to lower the intake of certain foods. However, to keep protein-rich foods with low-fat intake will be a great idea. As a result, a large contribution of calorie will be from protein in this low energy intake diet. Based on the results demonstrated by several studies, a diet with high protein and low carbohydrate were linked with the slightly better initial loss of weight than popular low-fat diet plans.

Choosing protein-rich foods with lower fat like low-fat dairy products or lean meats are very important because certain protein-rich foods contain high amount of saturated fat. With this simple step, it will help decrease the possibility of developing the heart-related disease.

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