How healthy is your Chinese new year lo hei?

It’s the time of the year to rejoice and lo hei!

For those of who are not sure what “lo hei” is, it is a practice that the Chinese observe when they come together to toss a big plate of shredded vegetables and raw fish slices (some people call it Chinese salad or another name is yusheng). Diners will utter auspicious words and phrases as they flip and churn the salad and people believed that the higher you toss, the luckier you will be for the year ahead. Huat ah!

While salad sounds like a good choice, do take note that lo hei is usually a mixture of fresh and pickled vegetables. Hence, the pickled vegetables are higher in salt and sugar as they are stripped of their water content and is marinated in salt or sugar solution, On the other hand, you will also increase the calorie content when you decide to add the oil and plum sauce generously.  This article shares some of the common items that you can find in your yusheng and their nutritive value.

Suggestion for a healthier yusheng: If you can, replace the crackers with unsalted peanuts and add more fresh vegetables such cabbage or cucumber rather than picked ones.

Also, you should reduce the amount of plum sauce and cooking oil. All these can reduce the calories, salt and sugar per serving.

Food Canopy will like to wish all readers and customers a Happy, Prosperous Chinese Year ! Do exercise discipline and watch your calorie count when you feast this lunar new year!


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