Insomnia – All you need is a good sleep

Insomnia happens when you cannot stay asleep or unable to fall asleep regularly and feeling restless the next day when you wake up. However, you can improve your sleep quality and get rid of insomnia simply by changing your sleeping patterns.

Insomnia signs

  • Difficulty to fall asleep
  • Awake more than 2 times at night
  • Feeling restless after a long night sleep
  • Staying awake while resting on the bed for the whole night
  • Loss of concentration due to tiredness
  • Feeling tired, annoyed and moody during the day

You can experiences these signs for more than 3 months regularly or even up to years.

Insomnia causes

  • Depression
  • Loud noise
  • Stress
  • Caffeine drinks
  • Jet lag
  • Room temperature too cold or hot
  • Certain medication
  • Uncertain working schedule (day and night shift)

Ways to improve sleeping habits

  1. Stick to same sleeping and wake up time every day
  2. Avoid taking nap during daytime especially evening
  3. Relax at least an hour before sleep eg. getting a hot shower or drink a cup of warm milk
  4. Do not consume caffeine beverages and alcohol at least six hours before sleep
  5. Turn off all lights and sound devices in your room. You can use earplugs to block loud noises from outside.
  6. Do not force yourself to sleep unless you are tired
  7. Exercise regularly helps improve sleep
  8. Avoid heavy meals during your dinner
  9. Ensure your bed and pillows are comfy and clean to have better sleep
  10. Do not keep checking on time when you cannot fall asleep, try reading a book instead until you feel sleepy

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