Say no to Upsize!

“Will you like to upsize your meal? For 50 cents more?”…this is quite a standard question many people will be asked when buying a fast food meal.

Seems like a good deal because most upsizing cost only about $0.50 to a dollar and it comes with a bigger soft drink and a larger serving of fries.

In fact, this simple offer managed to world to boost sales volume for many fast-food restaurants around the world!

So why say no to upsizing?

This is because if you are a fast-food lover, every upsize will lead you to consume about extra 200 calories and 5grams of fat per meal.
This will work out to about 400 calories and 10 grams of fats, if you upsize twice a week.

So while 200 calories seems insignificant, it actually translates to eating two extra double chocolate chip cookiesor one-third plate of a chicken rice, with every bigger value meal.

Hence, on a long run, all these extra calories, fats and sodium content can creep in to cause gradual weight gain and even lead to many health diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and even diabetes.

Not worth it? So next time you are being asked to upsize your meal, learn to say no to a “good” deal!


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