Share your mooncakes, share your calories!

While mooncake is an important celebratory food during the Mooncake festival, it also sets weight watchers fretting during this season.

In case you didn’t know, a traditional baked skin mooncake with lotus seed paste and 2 egg yolks provides approximately 957 calories! This is about 1.5 plate of chicken rice all in ONE mooncake.

In addition, this delectable dessert also contains copious amount of sugar. According to the World Health Organisation, the recommended daily sugar intake should be about 6 teaspoons of sugar. However, a traditional baked skin mooncake already contains around 16 teaspoons of sugar! This means you have already consumed more than TWICE the recommended amount of sugar for the day, just by eating ONE mooncake.

How about we choose the snow skin cousins? They should be healthier…RIGHT?

This is one common misconception that snow skin counterparts are healthier than traditional mooncakes because of a lighter texture. This is NOT true because the filling may also be made with a lot of sugar which amounts to higher calories.

Below are some tips on how we can enjoy this festive snack without feeling guilty or pilling on the weight:

If you are buying mooncakes:

  • Check the shelf life of the mooncakes. The longer the shelf life, the higher the amount of sugar or preservatives.
  • Choose mooncakes without yolk or single yolk to reduce your sodium and cholesterol intake.

If you are making your own mooncakes:

  • Reduce the amount of sugar used in the making of the filling. You may try adding dried fruits to give your mooncakes a natural sweetness.
  • Choose plant oils such as canola, peanut of sunflower instead of using lard or butter in the making of traditional mooncakes.
  • Make your mooncakes into bite size portion.

Lower your calories by:

  • Cutting the mooncakes into smaller slices and eat one or two small slices at a time. Also, share your mooncakes with people around you!
  • Reducing your rice, noodles or bread intake for the day if you are planning to have some mooncake. Mooncakes are high in sugar which is a form of simple carbohydrates which may lead to weight gain.
  • Drinking some tea, such as flower tea, green tea or oolong tea when eating mooncakes. They contain acetic acids which can help with digestion and prevents accumulation of body fat.


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