Take more calcium for better bone health!

We all heard the advice about taking more milk for stronger, healthier bones.

So what happens to those who just dislike to drink/eat their dairy?

Well, this article aims to share about the importance of calcium and share some good non-dairy sources that you can consider, if you are a non-milk lover.

First of all, lets understand what calcium does for our bones.

When we consume high calcium food from young, this mineral will get stored in our bones bit by bit (just like a piggy bank). The hardened calcium builds resistance for our bones and  protect the bone tissues from any form of impact and damages.

However, your bones will lose more and more calcium as you age (you start losing bone mass at the age of 30 ). Calcium deposits from our bones will be used to replenish the shortfall if you do not increase your consumption of high calcium food.

Other than giving us stronger bones and teeth, calcium also helps in blood clotting, muscle contractions and healthy pumping of heart.

So how much calcium do we need a day then?

Source: Health Hub Singapore

What are the dairy and non-dairy sources rich in calcium?

Hence, for the non-dairy lovers, it is imperative that you include other calcium rich sources of food such as dark-green leafy vegetables and nuts in your diet. However, if they are also not your kind of food, then you may want to consider calcium supplement to ensure sufficient intake of the mineral.

What happens when we do not consume enough calcium in our daily life?

Well, you may develop osteoporosis which is a condition where your bones become brittle and even a bump or fall can seriously injure you.

The most common places that fracture are the hip, spine, wrist, ribs, pelvis and upper arms. One in five die within a year of fracturing their hips.

Hence, to prevent this brittle disease, its good to ensure your daily intake of high calcium food as well as participate in weight-bearing exercises such as walking or climbing stairs to ensure optimal bone health through your old age!


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