That Relationship with Food Needs Work

When dieting doesn't work - Harvard Health

In modern days, many disordered eating behaviours are glamourized by social media. People are openly discussing about what they eat and not. And that, inadvertently creates a topic online or amongst friends.

Even though there is no firmed definition of disordered eating, it could be considered as any form of abnormal eating behaviour, despite not meeting the diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. However, it does causes distress.

It could be that you worry excessively about what you should or should not eat. Either way or, you find yourself spending lots of time thinking what to have next, your body shape and size.

Work with an accredited dietitian and psychologist to understand why your relationship with food seems challenging. Perhaps it could be how your family act around food or even your personal esteem levels.

Unfollow or mute anyone who triggers negativity towards your body and dietary lifestyle. Amongst friends and family, do not hesitate to mention in a non-offensive manner, “I am sorry bout I do not feel comfortable discussing about diets”.

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