Weight management through healthy eating habits


1 in 3 Singaporean adults is facing an obese or overweight problem. Overweight or obesity will higher your chances of developing cancers, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes. By picking up healthy eating habits will result in a positive impact on your weight management.

Healthy eating habits to eat right and lite

i. Healthier beverage choices

Always put plain water as your first choice to keep your body hydrated. Most of the beverages, alcohol and even fruit juices contribute high-calorie count in your diet.

ii. Eat more fibre

Fibre does not digest in your body, it will swell and take in water which makes you feel fuller for longer. Choose fibre-rich food such as beans, vegetables, lentils and whole-grains which will contribute low-calorie count in your diet.

iii. Eat regularly between meals

Prevent delaying or skipping your main meal, sufficient-spaced between meals would provide energy for you throughout the day and avoid hunger pangs.

iv. Eat smaller portion

Reduce the regular portion of your snack and meal will immediately lower your calories intake.

v. Decrease fat intake in your diet

Fat contributes a high amount of calorie, reduce fat intake in your diet is an effective way to lower your calorie intake. Avoid choosing deep-fried and oily food which are high in calorie.

vi. Decrease sugar intake in your diet

Sugar have low nutrients value but do contribute to your calorie count intake. Restrict cakes, ice-cream and desserts that consist high amount of added sugars.

By doing all these simple yet healthy eating habits every day, your extra weight reduces slowly but surely.

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