What is Visceral Fat?

What is V.fat?

Visceral fat (or V.fats) are fats that are stored in your vital organs in your body. They are dangerous because you cannot feel them or see them…unlike the glistening oil on your curry or the beautiful deep fried chicken wings.

It doesn’t just affect overweight or obese people. Skinny people or people with a flat tummy can still have a thick layer of V.fats in their body.  This syndrome is known as TOFI, or “thin outside fat inside.”

High amounts of V.fats can also cause heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

Food that causes accumulation of V.fats

  • high intake of fatty meats, full fat dairy, animal innards as well as deep-fried or processed foods.
  • soft drinks, candy, processed baked goods, and other high sugar food.
  • ingredients like “partially hydrogenated oils” or “high-fructose corn syrup. (time to start reading your food labels!)

How to detect V fats?

  • Waist line- good gauge will be below 31.5 inches for women or 35.5 inches for men
  • Body shape- People with apple shape (a big trunk and slimmer legs) have more upper body fat compared to pear-shaped people (bigger hips and thighs). This might be one reason why women usually live longer than men!
  • Some weighing scales has the function to measure body fats and visceral fats.

How to reduce V.fats?

The same rules apply.. always eat in moderation and keep fit by exercising daily!

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