What? There is such a thing as…..Good Cholesterol?

Cholesterol has a bad name and we all know it. It is usually associated with ill side effects such as leading to high blood pressure, stroke and even heart attack.

But what I tell you that cholesterol has a better kind and it helps to battle the effects of the bad brother?

The High-Density lipoprotein is the good kind of cholesterol that we should increase more in our diet because it can help to reduce the effects of Low-Density Lipoprotein which is also known as bad cholesterol

Let us think of HDL as a broom. This broom goes to our arteries, sweeps away all the bad cholesterol and plaque deposits (oily substances) and then sends all of them to the liver, which in turn flush them out of the body.

As time goes by, this will greatly reduce your chances of developing heart diseases, heart attack, and stroke!

So what kind of food are high in HDL? Lets zoom in onto THREE main kinds!

  1. Wholegrains!

Wholegrains which refers to your brown rice, oats, whole meal spaghetti and beehoon contains soluble fiber which is shown to help lower LDL.

Examples of food high in wholegrains and when do you include them:

  • Two slices of wholemeal bread at breakfast
  • One bowl of brown rice/ wholegrain bee hoon/ wholegrain spaghetti for lunch or dinner.
  • Fruits!

Fruits of any kind contains a lot of soluble fibre which can lower your bad cholesterol and lower the good cholesterol!

Rule of the thumb is to eat the fruits with the peels on!

  • Grapes (approx. 10) with skin
  • Pear and apples with skin.
  • Fresh fruit juice (not processed kind)
  • Oily fishes

Oily fishes contains good amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which can lower your LDL!

Examples of good common and affordable oily fishes are salmon, mackerel and sardines! Include them in your meals as often as you can!

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