Eating the same thing everyday? 

Have you eaten the same thing for breakfast for the past month? Or do you always eat chicken rice for lunch? Often it is for convenience and habit but we really need to be going outside the box and eating different things.

Eating the same foods everyday limits the nutrients you eat. If you only eat orange vegetables, you will be getting a good amount of fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C, but you will be missing out on vitamin K, folate and lutein found in dark green vegetables. It is pretty boring to have the same foods every day. 

Eat a varied diet to spice up your life!

By choosing a variety, we can add enjoyment to our meals. Consuming a wide variety of colorful foods also ensures that you get an abundance of different vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals in your diet. 

However, variety does not mean to eat more food than you need in order to get a variety of foods every day. It just simply means to eat different foods on different days.

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