Are you tired of eating chicken and rice every day? Looking to change up your weekly meals? This article provides 5 practical tips to add variety to your plate.

Choosing a variety of foods adds a variety of nutrients to your diet. Eating different colors and combinations of foods from the main food groups is a good sign of a healthy diet!

Five tips for eating a variety of healthy foods each day

1) Fruits and vegetables in season are always rich in flavour and nutrients. Instead of eating the same small group of fruits and vegetables year-round, branching out from your favorite kinds of fresh produce will give you important vitamins and minerals that you might not usually get. 

2) Start perimeter shopping. Simply put, the idea behind perimeter shopping is to keep you away from the processed and packaged foods found in the middle of a store and instead keep you in the perimeter, where the fresh foods are. Loading up your shopping basket with fresh fruits and vegetables will reduce your urge to buy snack foods.

3) Always prepare your meal in new ways and use the existing recipe for inspiration. Start with the easiest changes! Begin with swaps or substitutes in meals you already have regularly. For example, try adding frozen edamame instead of frozen peas to a casserole. 

4) An easy way to check to see if you’re eating a varied meal is by looking at the colors on your plate. Eat a rainbow. Aim for three to five different brightly colored fruits and vegetables each day.

5) Planning meals for the week ahead is an efficient way of ensuring you are sticking to a healthy diet. First, pack your freezer with fresh or frozen produce. And you just simply boil, steam or blend to make nutritious meals like salad, sandwiches and smoothies during your busy days.

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