With many Singaporeans risking their lives eating too much salt, the Singapore Government is encouraging people to shake the habit and monitor their salt intake. HPB’s plans are in place to get Singaporeans to reduce their sodium intake by about 15 per cent over the next five years, shaving off a quarter teaspoon of salt per person per day.

Salt – how much is too much?

Adults should only eat about 2,000mg of sodium or about one teaspoon (about 5g) of salt per day. Too much salt can put you at risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney problems.

Salty Three: Foods with surprising amounts of sodium

To make a positive difference in your diet, the Health Promotion Board warns against the Salty Three: the three main sources of sodium that add the most sodium to your diet. If you are trying to reduce your salt intake, keep an eye on the following sodium culprits:

1. 75% of the salt we eat is found in table salt, sauces and seasonings added during cooking to increase the flavour of dishes.

2. About 20% comes from eating processed foods such as canned, frozen and prepared foods like fish balls, canned meat, instant noodles, savoury snacks.  

3. The remaining 5% comes from naturally occurring sources such as meats, seafood and dairy products.

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