The Health Promotion Board highlights that with 31% of dine-out dishes exceeding the daily recommended sodium intake of 2,000 mg in a single serving, you likely consume more salt than you think.

Here are some ways to avoid sodium when you dine out.

1. Take less soup and dipping sauces

The tasty gravies, curries, soups and sauces added to your plate of rice and noodles are often high in sodium. Retrain your tongue to avoid eating excess salt by taking less soup and dipping sauces! Alternatively, we can ask for these to be served on the side. 

2. Look out for dishes or food stalls marked with the Healthier Choice Lower-Sodium identifier.

Both “Lower sodium options” and “Lower in sodium” identifiers indicate that the foods are prepared or cooked with lower sodium ingredients that contain at least 25% less sodium. Now, visit our outlet at Bukit Canberra Hawker Centre and you will find more than 30 stalls using lower sodium salt and there are plenty of healthier meal and beverage options available here!

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