Is your child often eating very small food portions and refusing to eat some foods or try something new? Approximately half of all toddlers have fussy eating habits, which means there’s a one in two chance of yours becoming a picky eater. So remember this is normal – and you’re not alone! First, let’s take a look at why picky eating is so prevalent among children.

Reasons for picky eating in children

1. An underlying medical reason. Sometimes picky eating can be an early sign of an eating disorder. 

2. Some children may refuse to eat certain foods in an attempt to assert their independence. Basically, saying “No!” to a piece of broccoli helps them feel more mature and adult-like.

3. Attention-seeking behavior is exceedingly common in children, and picky eating may be just another manifestation of that!

4. Some children are more sensitive to the tastes, smells, and textures of certain foods, which causes them to be picky eaters. 

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