Want to cut back on salt and still have tasty meals? Now, you can consume less sodium at home by using salt, seasoning and sauces carrying the “Lower in Sodium” Healthier Choice Symbol. Products carrying this identifier contain at least 25% less sodium compared to similar products in the same food category. 

However, being healthy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor. Foods that are lower in sodium don’t taste bland. You’ll find the “Lower in Sodium” HCS identifier on many of your favourite sauces, seasonings, cooking mixes and pastes that are not only tasty, but also healthier too!

The Singapore government is working with industry partners to make healthier salt and seasoning products more readily available to consumers, as the prevalence of hypertension in the population continues to soar through the years. So, reducing your sodium intake is easy when you choose such lower-sodium products.

However, remember to use the lower sodium alternatives as one-for-one replacements. And always use your salt, seasoning and sauces sparingly and taste your dish as you go to avoid over-salting. 

To eat healthier, just make a healthier choice today!

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